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Common Boiler and Heating Problems

The winter season is exciting. You get to huddle around the fireplace with some hot chocolate, play with the snow, get cozy under your favorite blankets, and much more. However, the excitement can turn to dread, when your boiler breaks down. This can be a huge problem because it’s not always easy to get it fixed right away, and you might have to end up spending a day without heat. Therefore, make sure to carry out any boiler repair and maintenance regularly, or else you will face some of these common boiler problems.

1. Water Leakage

One common problem that occurs with boilers is that they start to leak water. This can happen due to many reasons, depending on where the water is leaking from. For instance, if the water is leaking from around the pump seal, it simply means the pump seal is broken or faulty.

If the boiler is leaking water from around the pipes or the tank itself, it could be that the pipes have become corroded or they haven’t been fitted properly. Similarly, water leakage can also happen if the pressure valve inside is broken due to high boiler pressure.

2. Boiler Cutting Out

Another common and frustrating problem is when the boiler keeps cutting out. You might power on the boiler, and it would seemingly work just fine, but then it would turn off or trip itself. This usually happens when the boiler pressure is too low. So, the next time you experience this, take a look at the pressure gauge. If it’s below one, you simply need to repressure the boiler.

In case the pressure is fine, but the boiler keeps cutting out, it could be that there’s air trapped inside the radiator. This can also be easily remedied by bleeding the radiator. You can try doing it yourself or call one of the experienced gas engineers from Gasify.

3. Pilot Light Keeps Turning Off

The pilot light is the small flame that you can see at the base of your boiler. It is what keeps the boiler’s burner lit and allows the boiler to work efficiently.

If the pilot light keeps turning off, it’s not only a common problem but also a dangerous one for which you should get boiler repair and maintenance right away. This problem usually occurs if the thermocouple is broken and there are some problems with the gas supply.

4. Radiators not Warming Up

The problem doesn’t always lie in the boiler. Sometimes, it could be the radiator as well. One of the most common boiler problems includes the radiators not warming up. There are usually two reasons behind this. It could either be that there is air inside the system, which is why you might notice the radiator only getting warm at the base and not throughout.

Secondly, it could be that there’s too much sludge in the system. The air problem can be easily fixed even by you by bleeding the radiator. However, if the problem is the build-up of sludge, it’s not something you can fix. For this, you will have to contact a gas engineer who will use chemical flushing to clean out the radiator.

5. No Heating and Hot Water Simultaneously

This is a problem that usually occurs in older boilers. Such units feature a diverter valve that sends hot water to the taps first, and then when the water is not being used, it sends it throughout the house for heating.

When this valve breaks down due to any reason, it stops sending hot water and heating the house simultaneously. Therefore, you will either have a warm house or hot water. Fixing this issue also involves repairing the valve and cleaning any sludge in the pipes, which can only be done by a gas engineer.

6. Frozen Condensate Pipe

This is a common problem that specifically occurs in the winters. As a boiler heats the house, the waste gas produces acidic water that needs to be disposed of. Therefore, boiler designs feature a condensate pipe, which is specifically meant for this purpose.

This pipe takes that water from the boiler and drains it somewhere outside. As temperatures start to fall, this pipe freezes, preventing the acidic water from getting drained and causing the boiler to stop working efficiently. You can easily fix this problem by placing a hot water bag over the pipe to unfreeze it.

How to Avoid These Common Boiler Problems

The best way to avoid these common boiler problems is through regular boiler repair and maintenance. You should get your boiler as well as other gas appliances checked and serviced at least once a year so that the gas engineer can detect any potential problems.

Moreover, when they do catch any problem, you should try and get it repaired as soon as possible. Besides that, other things you can do to avoid problems and prolong the life of your boiler is to keep it ventilated, set the right temperature, keep your house insulated, regularly inspect the pressure gauge and radiators, and most importantly, keep an eye out for any signs of damage.

Final Thoughts

As soon as you spot any signs of boiler problems, you should get it checked by a professional right away. Many times, people tend to ignore the problem as long as the boiler is heating the house and there’s hot water in the shower.

However, the longer you ignore the problem, the worse it becomes, and eventually, your boiler can become dangerous. Then, you not only will have to repair but actually replace the boiler altogether. Therefore, if your boiler has been giving you some trouble lately, opt for boiler repair and maintenance right away.

The most important part is to opt for boiler maintenance by the right professionals. For instance, you can contact Gasify for experienced and highly-trained Gas Safety registered gas engineers to come and inspect your boiler as well as any other gas appliances in the house. Visit Gasify and book a slot for your inspection today.

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