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Extend your boiler lifetime.
A boiler service is important to maintaining the overall well-being of your boiler. The checks and tests carried out by a Gas Safe engineer during a service aim to help ensure that your boiler is working safely, effectively and efficiently; without any faults. We recommend getting your boiler serviced on an annual basis to help monitor and preserve the reliability of your boiler. A yearly service is also often required by your manufacturer to keep your warranty valid.

What is Involved:

Our qualified Gas Safe engineers have the expertise needed to provide you with a thorough boiler service. Conducting various tests, we aim to ensure that your boiler is functioning effectively and efficiently. A service usually includes, but is not limited to, the inspection of:
Boiler controls - to ensure that they are functioning correctly
Gas and pressure flow
Internal main components
Flue and combustion releases
Safety devices
Water and gas pipework
Electrical connections
Seals – to ensure that they are intact
Our Gas Safe engineers will also aim to identify any corrosion or leaks, as well as clean boiler parts if required. Our friendly experts could provide you with any information or advice you need in order to help with the upkeep of your boiler service. So, feel free to ask any questions, we’ll aim to provide you with the right answers.

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